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Dr. Scott Richmond?

I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2005. I am a health practitioner, dad, husband, and whom many people call “the mold guy.”

In 2008, I was diagnosed with mold toxicity, MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity), chronic lyme disease, hypothyroid, and heavy metal toxicity. We were living with mold in our home, which led to a very fast downward spiral of my health.

After years of hospitalizations, massive medical bills, and a slow recovery, I finally discovered the missing pieces that led me to a life-changing system of protocols that transformed my life.

At the time, I was a chiropractor based out of Des Moines, Iowa. Many of my own patients were also experiencing significant health challenges, so I started teaching many of them the protocols that I had done. In time, women with thyroid issues were getting healthier. People were losing weight. Families were detoxing heavy metals from their bodies and finding more energy.

It took years to refine the protocols I now use today at Thrive Health and after hundreds of clients going through this process, I am confident that people who are determined to transform their health will be able to do so with the tools provided in our programs.

Kimber Krosschell?

Kimber consults with people around the world via a virtual practice
and locally in Orange City, Iowa. She specializes in healing the
underlying cause of disease and is dedicated to a personalized
approach to treatment. She has worked with hundreds of clients, and
battled her own wellness issues with Mold, Parasites and

She uses clinical investigation to discover the root cause of chronic
diseases such as thyroid issues, autoimmune conditions, hormonal
dysfunctions, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia and more. Her personal journey combined with extensive education and a highly qualified medical advisory team make her relational and qualified to help you experience relief and wholeness.

As a Certified Practitioner in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and
trained under a well-respected integrative medical doctor, she works
with individuals to identify hidden stressors both internally and
externally and then designs a personalized health protocol to
remediate the illness and help you to live your best life. 

Kimber is a wife, mother and grandmother (affectionately known as,
“Mimi” by her grandsons!) She has been a business owner/operator
for 29 years and a successful health and life coach to hundreds of
people wanting to change the direction of their life by making better,
healthier choices.

She loves taking long walks, listening to books on tape, drinking
coffee with the sunrise and sipping wine with friends in the evening.
 60-Day Cellular RESET+ Program
We are so excited to help you to Elevate Your Health to a new level! Our team is here to support you and help you get the BEST results! It is our goal to help you, encourage you and EMPOWER you with the tools you will need while on the Cellular RESET+ 60-Day Program!

You will see why so many people are getting results with our Cellular Reset+ program! People are losing weight, while gaining ENERGY and balancing their hormones. We provide you with the tools you will need to be super successful. 

We are here to provide a SIMPLE and EASY to follow program so that you can take the confusion out of HEALTH!

This program is for:

  • Men & Women over 30
  • Women wanting to Tone Up
  • Women wanting to Lose Inches around their thighs 
  • ​Guys wanting to lose the LOVE handles 
  • ​Men & Women wanting Better Energy

Your RESET+ 60-Day Program will include:

  • STEP-BY-STEP 60-Day guide
  • Specifically designed NutriKlean Homeopathic Formula 
  • BONUS Products: Bowel Mover and Pure SCT Oil (phase 2 product)
  • ​Weekly group zoom Success Calls
  • ​Access to your Success Practitioner
  • ​FB Community Membership

Two UNIQUE Products Included In Your Program!

Four Weeks to A New You is quite a statement! 

The NUTRiKLEAN Homeopathy Drops use a very specific blend of glandulars, vitamins, minerals, and cell salts that, when combined with specific blends and amounts of low glycemic index/anti-inflammatory food, will help you become healthier and lose weight safely.

  •  Support Healthy Blood Sugar
  • Curb carb cravings
  • ​Aid in detox symptoms
  • ​Supports healthy inflammation levels when combined with prooper nutrition
  • ​Help the body preserve lean fat free mass
  • ​​Supports Metabolism


Pure SCT OIL is Short Chain Triglycerides or Short Chain Fatty Acids. The reason we use Pure SCT OIL as an integral part of the Cellular Metabolics RESET+ Program is because these fats are essential to getting your body into a fat burning state.

  • ​Keto + Paleo Friendly
  • ​​Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Soy Free & Organic 
  • ​Great Source of Butyric Acid. (Great for weight loss and detoxification) 
  • ​Gut / Colon Friendly. (Don’t have to worry about “disaster pants” like you do with other oils) 
  • ​​Supports Metabolism
  • ​​Lowers Inflammation


The primary action of Bowel Mover is to support proper bowel function. This product is beneficial for those that struggle with constipation by providing natural, gentle relief without cramping or causing a dependency.*

  • ​Prokinetic vs. Stimulant
  • ​​After 3 years of testing, we have found the correct ingredients and ratios that make this formula one of a kind. This formula is specifically designed to help promote digestive and detox support.
  • ​No fillers, No additives, No excipients, Gluten Free, Corn Free, Soy Free, Nut Free, and GMO-free!



Initial 60 minute 1-1 Consultation with one of our Client Success Practitioners ($297 value) LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE!


​Access to Your Success Practitioner ($500 value)


(1) Jar of Pure SCT Oil ($82 value)


(1) Bowel Mover ($46 value)


VIP ACCESS to the Facebook Community

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“Everything seemed to be going well until a traumatic event shattered my world. My immune system totally tanked. I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue, followed by mold illness, chronic Lyme and multiple coinfections. I saw a number of providers, but their treatment approaches focusing on Lyme made me feel worse and only improved my symptoms mildly. In the 8 months I’ve worked with Dr. Scott, I’ve gone from completely housebound & unable to consume anything except celery juice, to having a full time job, moving forward with my career in psychology and  eating a full array of foods. With Dr. Scott’s support, knowledge, perspective and guidance, I learned powerful tools and strategies that have helped me redirect my health - mind, body, and spirit - giving me the opportunity and confidence to thrive as I confront the challenges ahead." 
-Diandra H.
“Brain fog, exhaustion, chronic fatigue, bloating, constipation, depression, anxiety, inability to focus, edema, unexplained weight gain, you name it. I was desperate to find answers and hopeful that someone was out there who could help… I’m a little over 12 weeks into the program with Kimber and have so much more energy and all of my other symptoms have diminished. I know that as healing continues, the symptoms will continue to fade and I will continue to be and feel like a new woman.  Before, I was working with primary care and specialty doctors, trying to figure out what was wrong. They kept saying my numbers looked good, that I was healthy, and it was “just hormones and stress”. I was also working with a nutrition coach who was very focused on macros but not the actual food itself or how my body was responding to the food. And then I read a book about the leaky gut and it mentioned functional medicine practitioners. I was intrigued.
Before I met Kimber, I felt awful. Brain fog, exhaustion, chronic fatigue, bloating, constipation, depression, anxiety, inability to focus, edema, unexplained weight gain, you name it. I was desperate to find answers and hopeful that someone was out there who could help. I KNEW this wasn’t right.
When I first met Kimber, I felt seen and heard. She showed me so much kindness and compassion. She was knowledgeable and patient and I finally had real hope. I prayed she had availability for me and she did!
 I feel way more hopeful now. Kimber models such grace and love in our weekly meetings and has been a beautiful example of behaviors that I’m learning I can show myself too. There is never any judgment and I feel so comfortable talking about any topic.
My hope for health has been renewed and I have to say that this is about so much more than physical health. My mental and spiritual health has grown and healed so much during this journey too. And this is just the beginning!
Other things to share:
I really appreciate how Kimber goes through everything slowly and gently introduces new ideas, behaviors, routines, etc. overtime. I was (am) at a point where I was ready to try ANYTHING and was (am) ready to do it all! She definitely helped me keep it simple and focus on one thing at a time. 😊 Sure it’s an investment to replace food, make up, cleaning supplies, and other products but it is all worth it to feel better not return to life “BK” (Before Kimber).
I’d also want people to know that there is hope. When you think you’ve tried everything, don’t despair. Functional Medicine is an amazing journey. Healing is hard work but it is SO worth it. I don’t even know how to describe how nice it is to feel like me again. I have a renewed spirit!”
-Amanda T.

“I can honestly say that this weight loss program has redirected my health, my fitness, and my overall quality of life in every fashion! I have been on a variety of diets in my life, so I would call myself a bit more experienced when it comes to various “fitness” programs. This was because whether it would be weight loss or muscle gain, I was an athlete and always wanted to be competitive. Before the diet, I was the heaviest I had ever been. I am a very competitive person, I love sports, competing, being the more “agile” and “quick” friend. Unfortunately, I was in a position where I was losing the ability to do the things I loved without feeling terrible about myself! There came a point when there was no other solution except for things to change! I met that point and I am so thankful I went with this program. Overall, I lost 27 pounds and 18.5 inches throughout my whole body. The best part, with this diet the only thing I ever felt like I had to battle was my own old habits and way of thinking! I lost weight rapidly, and then steadily, and with every day that past it became easier! I felt like the amount of food I could have was more than many diets allowed me to have previously. Once I broke the “addictions” in that first week, my mental clarity skyrocketed! I felt even better than I looked, which caused me to have a desire to match my physical health with how I felt internally even more. It only took a week to PHYSICALLY see the changes in my body. (If you know anything about diets, this doesn’t always happen!!) Overall, I am so thrilled to have been given this opportunity to reroute who I am physically. This program did not just help me lose weight and size, but it changed my habits, what I craved, and even helped me become the version of myself I was proud of! Thank you for being right by my side the whole way through and taking the time to explain the how and the benefit of sticking it through to the end. YOU GUYS ROCK!--.”
 -Kade K.
“Before meeting Kimber, I was miserable… now, I’ve lost 65 pounds and my health has improved tremendously. I feel nothing but HOPE!
I had been sick for many years and ultimately had to have my gallbladder removed. I was struggling with my health every day after the surgery, and felt scared that I would never feel well again. I was miserable. I felt scared and unsure of my what my future looked like in regards to my health.
I was feeling hopeless that things could never change for me. I feared that I would always struggle and feel sick. 
When I met Kimber, she assured me that she could relate to how I was feeling and gave me great hope that I would feel better again. She walked me through the process, and was always available to lift me up and keep me going on my journey towards health. 
I’m feeling like a new person since working with Kimber.  The sky is the limit!
Kimber has a very kind approach that allowed me to take in new information without feeling scared or bullied, like some practitioners had done in the past. She truly cares and gives her heart to her clients. I feel so seen and valued under Kimber’s care.”
 -Nicole L.
I always feel encouraged and inspired and to keep going on my journey when it has been really rough. We had to move out of another mold infected home. Even though I found him via an online health summit, I have stopped being a compulsive, frantic information gatherer because 1) it's too much info that I can't implement, 2) Dr. Scott is always growing and learning and sharing the latest info that he's already vetted, and 3) he has the WISDOM on what works and how and when to use it. It's my belief that nothing in life is stagnant and that if I am not getting better then I am getting worse. I can't imagine how much worse off I'd be if I had not started working with Dr. Scott, besides actually being better. I still have a ways to go and am so grateful I can count on Dr. Scott being there for me. I found a needle in a haystack and I'm not letting 
him go.”  
-Diane S.
"I worked with 5 practitioners prior to finding Dr. Scott. I was 35 pounds overweight, only able to tolerate a handful of foods, and had very little energy. By the time I found Dr. Scott, I was feeling depressed and hopeless. My health situation continued to get worse, and no one could understand why. Within 3 weeks of starting Dr. Scott's protocols, I lost 16 pounds! He was the only practitioner who identified that my body wasn't detoxing well and that heavy metal toxicity and cavitations were areas that needed to be addressed. I've been working with Dr. Scott for one year now. I've lost all of the weight I put on, my energy has skyrocketed, I continue to see improvement in many other areas, and, most importantly, I'm filled with hope that I will be completely healed of my health issues! I'm very grateful for Dr. Scott. Choosing to work with him was, by far, one of the best decisions I've made." 
-Lisa H.
“In three months of dedications to her protocol, I was healed from all of my symptoms. (Blood pressure extremely high, heart rate was high at resting state, acid reflex uncontrollable, stomach pains, Neuropathy, and diarrhea. Lost 15 to 20 pounds.) She is a
God send. Kimber was in constant contact with me and she coached me through my healing. Where doctors prescribe medication for symptoms, Kimber heals you from the inside out and gets to the source of the problem. My adventure began in April 2020. I had been to pretty much every specialist I could think of reaching out for help. No one could find anything wrong with me I was told it was my nerves and was prescribed anxiety medication. After taking meds my symptoms were getting worse.  She was very positive and Inspirational. She listened to me and didn’t think I was crazy but immediately began to help. We did a GI Mapping and hormonal test to get to the root of my problems. In three months of dedications to her protocol, I was healed from all of my symptoms.  There is definitely Hope for Health. Thank Kimber for educating me and making a
-Rhonda L.

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